I am a long-winded short story and pages are my sails on uncharted seas.

Lorin Elizabeth is an Australian Spoken Word Poet who creates rhythmic and thought-provoking poetry pieces for performance. She writes with a strong focus on sound, rhyme and meter, creating a mixture of hip-hop and magic realism to engage live audiences.

Lorin's poetic content covers social injustice, the human condition, vulnerability...and food. With an emphasis on storytelling to promote a broader issue, her raw, authentic performance style has struck a chord with audiences all over Australia. 

Lorin was a finalist at the 2014 Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup and has shared the stage with acclaimed international poets including Buddy Wakefield (USA), Bill Moran (USA), Carlos Andrés Gómez (USA) and Mark Gonzales (USA), plus Australian greats like Candy Royalle, Joel McKerrow and Luka Lesson to name a few.

She has featured at national festivals including Hobart’s DARK MOFO and Newcastle’s National Young Writers' Festival, and she toured Melbourne in 2014 with Mark Gonzales and the team of Stand Tall Speak Out youth poetry slam mentors.

Lorin is an absolute standout in the performance poetry scene around Australia.

— Joel McKerrow
Her work is some of the best currently emerging from the young poetry community in Australia – it is nuanced, passionate, complex and well-crafted.

— Candy Royalle